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Raag Todi

Swaras Rishab Gandhar & Dhaivat Komal and M teevra.
Jati Sampurna - Sampurna 
Time 2nd Prahar of the Day
Vishranti Sthan S g d ; S d g
Mukhya-Ang d s N S r r g M g M d M g r' g r S 
Aaroh S r g M P d N S'
Avroh S' N d P M g r g r S 

Vishesh : This is also referred to as Shuddha Todi or Pancham Yukta Todi and the one without Pancham is named as Gurjari Todi. The impression due to Pancham is  quite a miracle from the general compassionate mood of Gurjari Todi. The role of Komal Rishabh on Dayavati shruti is very effective in combination with teevra madhyam and komal g d in rendering the emotions of pity and crest fallen attitude that can melt hardest of hearts.
The illustrative combinations are; S r r S ; r r G S ; d d n n S' ; r r g S ; r g d n S r g S ; r g S ; ,n ,d S ; r g M r g ; r M g r g r S ; d n d n S r S ;