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Raag Shankara

Swaras Rishabh & Madhyam Forbidden or Varjya in Aaroh, Madhyam Varjya in Avroh,, rest all Shuddha Swaras
Jati Audhav-Shadhav Vakra ( Dhaivat is weak i.e occasional)
Time (9PM - 12 Night) : 2nd Prahar of the night : Ratri ka Dwitiya Prahar
Vishranti Sthan S G P N - N P G S
Mukhya-Ang ,N S - G P - G N - N D S' N - P G - RS
Aaroh S G P N D S'
Avroh S' N P G - P D P G - P RG RS

Vishesh : Veer-Rasa (Roudra rup for Tandav of Lord Shankara) is the best expression of this Raag. Dhaivat is not straight forward in Aaroh and is rendered like this G P N D S' N. You wake up from a stupor or disturbed state of mind upon hearing this Raag which implies as surge of the life force with the sharp rather bold pronunciation of notes in this melody. The following combinations are considered illustrative for proper effect;
,N, ,N ,N S - ,P ,N ,P S - ,P ,N ,D S - ,N ,N S - ,P ,N S G - G R P G - S G R P G - PD PP G - P G - G RS
,N S G G P - P N D S' N - N P - G P N N S' - S' R'S' N - N D S' N P G - P G sR S