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Raag Puriya

Swaras Rishabh Flat or Komal, Madhyam teevra, Pancham Varjya, rest all Shuddha Swaras 
Jati Shadhav-Shadhav 
Time 3rd Prahar of the Night
Vishranti Sthan G M N ; N G S
Mukhya-Ang G M D G M G  ; N s D ; G M G r S ; N r G s
Aaroh ,N r G M D N S' 
Avroh S' N D M ; G M D ; G M G r S 

Vishesh : Raga Puriya is often referred to as king of night ragas. A pleasant sobering atmosphere full of piety is created. This is a very sweet melody equally popular with both the beginers as well as experts.
Illustrative combinations are:  ,N ,N r S ; ,N r G s ; MM MM G  ; M D N ; M D G M G r s S ;