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Raag Patdeep

Swaras Rishabh, Dhaivat varjya in Aroha, Gandhar Komal and rest all shuddha swar.
Jati Audhav Sampurna.
Time 3rd Prahar of the Day 
Vishranti Sthan
Mukhya-Ang g m P N P ; mg mP N N N S' N ; D P m g m ; P g m s ; g R S ,N N S s 
Aaroh ,N S g m P N S'
Avroh S' n D P m g R S N S

Vishesh : This flittering lighter melody is useful for many an occasion and reflects eagerness implicit intrigue and separation pangs. Though an old form it has come into its own during the part form decodes or so.