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Raag Nand (Anandi)

Swaras Both Madhyam (m & M), Rishabh Varjya in Aaroh,  rest all Shuddha Swaras
Jati Shadhav-Sampurna Vakra
Time (6 PM -9 PM) : 1st Prahar of the Night : Ratri ka Pratham Prahar
Vishranti Sthan P N S' - P R S
Mukhya-Ang S G m D P GR S - P D N DP MP G m DP R s S s
Aaroh S G m D P GR S - G m P D N P S' 
Avroh S' R' N P - P D N DP MP G m DP R s S s - ,P s S 

Vishesh : This melodic combination impresses instantly and without any difficulty creates its own unique mood. However, the Vakra movements in rendering result more in repetition and hence it can not be performed for longer duration and the effect is then lost. It is a very popular melody and was much in demand though its impression is not enduring (Long lasting).

The illustrative combinations of this melody which is also called Anandi are as follows;
S - SG m D P - G m P D - DN sP Ds MP - sG ms DP GR s S s Gm PD NR' R' - N s P s - Gm PD Ns Ps - PD PM DP Gm D P GR s S s