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Raag Mand

Swaras All Shuddha Swaras, (Occasionally Komal Gandhar & Dhaivat are employed by expert artists)
Jati Sampurna-Sampurna
Time (9 PM 12 Night) : 2nd Prahar of the Night : Ratri ka Dwitiya Prahar
Vishranti Sthan S m P - S' D m G
Mukhya-Ang G m P D S' N D  - D P m - m P G R G s S
Aaroh S R G m P D N P D S'
Avroh S' N D P m G R G S - G m P D S' N D s

Vishesh : It is a flittering light melody which sounds natural but is rendered with much difficulty. No Bada-Khayals or serious artistic thesis is composed in this format of naturally exhilerating music forms i.e. Bandish, Dhun, Songs. Mostly light entertainment types dominate the compositions. Bhajans and Gazals are aptly compositionally lyricised in this melodic format. The basic skeletal format belongs to the folk tune of Mewar (Rajasthan) and is called Mand which is the song of festive occasions, birthdays, marriages etc.
Illustrative combinations that are best rendered with Khatkas & Murkiyan are
G m P s - P D S' N D s - D d D Pm mP mm s G g G - D d D S' - S'N DP Gm P with Komal Gandhar & Komal Dhaivat
S R G s S s - S R m s - m P - mP mm G s - S R G S s R S ,N ,D - ,D ,P ,N ,D ,P ,m - ,P ,D ,N ,P ,D S - S R m s - m P - G m P D N - P N D - m - G m P D N - P D S' - S' R' S'R' S'S' N D - DN S'N DP D - m P s G s - S R G s S