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Raag Malhaar

Swaras Gadhar Komal & both Nishads
Jati Sampurna Vakra
Time In rainy season at night all time and otherwise at 2nd Prahar of night.
Vishranti Sthan S R P N ; S' P R 
Mukhya-Ang S R ; R P ; g g m R S ; ,n D ,N,N S
Aaroh ,N S ; m R P g m R S ; m P D n S'
Avroh S' n S' ; n D n P ; m P g g m R S ; ,n ,d ,n S R S ;

Vishesh : This Raga is also referred to as Miya ki Malhar since it was a wonderful discovery by Sangeet Samrat Tansen Ji. The combinations of the melody can reallyape the vagaries of nature in the thunder of clouds and the rain torrents falling from sky onto the earth below.
,N S ; ,n s ,D ; ,N ; mP ; ,n sD ; ,N s ,N S ; ,N ; R R S ; R ,D ,n ,P ; ,n ,D ; N S ;
The shuddha Nishad of mandra saptak makes the raga very impressively severe and sweet rendering requires bold presentation of the combinations to enthral the audience with the raga mood.