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Raag Hari-Kauns

Swaras g, n (Gandhar, Nishad Flat or Komal), Rishabh & Pancham Varjya, Madhyam Teevra (M) , rest all Shuddha Swaras
Jati Audhav-Audhav 
Time Midnight (9 PM - 12 Night) : 2nd Prahar of the Night : Ratri ka Dwitiya Prahar
Vishranti Sthan  
Aaroh S ,D ,n  S - g M g S - g M D n S'
Avroh S' n D M g S - g M g S ,n S ,D ,n g S 

Vishesh :  This Raag demands special training for both voice and ear to associate komal (Gandhar & Nishad) and Madhyam Teevra, which is distinctly different from Mal-Kauns. Any mistake in Teevra Madhyam will destroy the Raaga's atmosphere, hence the need for special Riyaz. The following melodic combinations are illustrative for good rendering.
S ,n D s - ,D ,n ,D ,M ,g s - ,g ,M ,D ,n - ,n ,n S s - S g M D n S' - S' n D n D M - g M g S ,D ,n S
,n S ,D ,n g S - S g M s - M M g s M D - M s M D - D n n D - D M g M - g g S s - S' n D M nD Mg S