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Raag Darbari Kanhra

Swaras Gandhar, Dhaivat & Nishad  Komal,  rest all Shuddha Swaras
Jati Sampurna Vakra
Time Midnight  & Late night : 3rd Prahar of the Night
Vishranti Sthan S R P - S' P R
Mukhya-Ang m P d d n s P ; n mP S' ; nn P ; m P g m R S ; 
Aaroh ,n S R g s m P d s n S' ;
Avroh S' n d d n P m P g m R s S s ;

Vishesh : The Raag Darbari Kanhara created by Shri Taansen jee results in a sweet (rather heavy) atmosphere mainly due to deep kharjya (mandra) aalaps with oscillating dhaivat and ghandhar. Most exponents prefer to restrict it to aalap and boltaans in mandra - madhya saptaks and leave the taar saptak to Aadana. Hawever newer trend permits taans though one would prefer the earlier practice for obvious reasons. The following notations are considered illustrative in raag manifestation viz;
n n R ; R s S ; n S R S ; SS rr S n S ;  ,n ,d s ; ,n ,d S ; ,n ,n S ; ,n ,n R ; R R P mg s ; gm P ; g  m R s S ; R ,n S ; ,d ,d ,n ,n S ; ,d ,n R ; R ,n ,d ,n ,n S;