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Raag Bhupal-Todi

Swaras r,g, d (Rishabh, Gandhar, Dhaivat Flat or Komal), Madhyam, Nishad varjya
Jati Audhav - Audhav 
Time 1sh Prahar of the day : Din ka Pratham Prahar
Vishranti Sthan d S g P - P g r 
Aaroh S r g P d S'
Avroh S' d P g P g r S ,d r S

Vishesh : This Raag is symbolic of spiritual purity and hence employed for devotional compositions. The emotions displayed include compassion, grandeur and detachment from worldly activities. Employing Todi like combinations with the Bhoopali type rendering will permit propr raga menifestation. The following combinations are thus illustrative: ,d S ; ,d r r S ; S r g S ; r r g S ; g P r r g ; g P d P ; d S' d P ; P r g S ; g r ; r g r S ; S s ; ,d ,d r s S;