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Raag Bhairavi

Swaras Rishabh, Gandhar, Dhaivat, Nishad Komal 
Jati Sampurna - Sampurna
Time 2nd Prahar of the Day
Vishranti Sthan S m P ; S' P m
Mukhya-Ang g s S r S s ; g m P s ; d m d n S' ; r' S' d P g m r S 
Aaroh S r g m P d n S' 
Avroh S n d P m g r S;

Vishesh : Any one who claims to know or appreciate music cannot be unaware of the queen of melodies i.e. Bhairavi Raag. The soft (komal) motes and their smooth rendering with pleasing touches - Khatke, jhatke and murkiyan simply mesmerize the audience. A pleasant sobering atmosphere full of piety is created and one feels so close to the Supreme who is all love and piety. Illustrative compositions include several thumris, Bhajans, Gazhals, Songs etc. Since it is an ocean of immense possibilities the melodic combitions can include all the twelve notes with skill. Illustrative combinations are: r g r g S r S; g m P ; P d P ; P d n d m ; d P g m ; P m g m r s r s S ; d S ; S g m P ; P d P ; m M m ; g s r S ; S g r m g ; S g P m g S r S ; ,nr ,n ,d ,n ,d ,P ,P ,d ,n ,d S;