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Raag Adana

Swaras g,d,n (Gandhar, Dhaivat & Nishad Komal), Gandhar Varjya in Aaroh, rest all Shuddha Swaras
Jati Shadhav-Sampurna Vakra
Time (6 PM - 9 PM) : 2nd Prahar of the Night : Ratri ka Dwitiya Prahar
Vishranti Sthan  
Mukhya-Ang m P d n S' - n S' - sd n P - m P - g m R S
Aaroh S R m P d n S'
Avroh S' n d n P - m P g m R S 

Vishesh : The notes employed here resemble with notes of Raag Darbari-Kanada, with the difference that Gandhar (g) is forbidden in Aaroh. This Raag is rendered mostly in Madhya and Tar Saptaks unlike Darbari-Kanada, which is more deep and hence is rendered in Madhya and Mandra Saptaks (Octaves). In this Raag Komal Dhaivat (d) should not be repeated lest Raag Darbari-Kanada makes its appearance i.e. the combination of notes m P d d n P should not be employed with deep Gamak as this is a flittering dynamic type melodic form. The combinations S R m P - d n P s - m P S' d n P brings out this form and speedy rendering in Madhya & Tar Saptaks completes the melodic picture of the Raag.