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Raag Gaud-Sarang

Swaras Both Madhyam (m & M), rest all Shuddha Swaras
Jati Sampurna-Sampurna Vakra
Time (9 AM -12 Noon) : 2nd Prahar of the day : Din ka Dwitiya Prahar
Vishranti Sthan G P N S' - S' P G
Mukhya-Ang S G R m G - P R S - m G P - D P - S' DP R S
Aaroh ,N S R S - G R m G P  - M P D N S'
Avroh S' N D P - M P DN P - D P - m G R S 

Vishesh : Raag Gaud-Sarang though a daytime melody produces effect like the night melodies. Perheps due to its Vadi-Swara N (as per several texts including those by Pt. V.N. Bhatkhande ji) being in the Uttarang, it is to be rendered during the day. The overall impact of the Raag is identical to that in Raag Kedar or Raag Bihag. (Both night time Raagas). The combination of G R m G - P s GR S  is considered as Raag-Vachak i.e. characteristics of the melody. Like in Raag Kedar  & Raag Hameer the Teevra Madhyam (M) is rendered Vakra as illustrated here;
S' N D P - M P D P - M P - M P G m - R G R - m G - PM DP MP DP - M P G m - R G R - m G - P s GR S
In Aaroh, alternative to M P D N S' one can proceed as in Raag Bihag i.e ,N S G m P N S' with Shuddha Madhyam (m).