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Raag Bahaar

Swaras g (Gandhar Komal) and Nishad both,  rest all Shuddha Swaras
Rishabh & Pancham Varjya in Aaroh and Dhaivat in Avroh.
Jati Audhav Shadhav Vakra
Time  In Autumn: 2nd Prahar of the Night
Vishranti Sthan S m P - S' m R
Mukhya-Ang S m ; P m g m ; ,n P m  ; m ,n  s D S' ; ,nP mP m
Aaroh S R S m P m g m D N S' 
Avroh S' n P m g m R S ,N S

Vishesh : According to many, the Raga Bahaar is a scientifically generated raga that most appropriately brings out the natures beautiful blessings. Renderings with appropriate khatkas and series of beautifully composed intricate patterns of Taans are condusive to its dynamic fleeting nature. The Raga Shahana Kanhada with nyasa on Pancham is nearest to this melodic format.

S R ,n S m or R S ,n S m s ; P m ,g m ; ,n P m s ; M ,n D N S' ; N P m with pause emphatically on madhyam brings out the melodic mood. The deployment of Gandhar is also  very skillfully done thus. P m g m ; P D N S' ; N R' S' ; D n S' R' g' a ; R' g' R' S' ; R' g' R' S' ; R' g' R' S' ; n D n R' S' ;